The Precipice of Post-Paradox

We are asleep. We've been in a deep slumber, dreaming. The collective dream is one of fear; a nightmare. We think we are awake but we've only just begun to awaken.

We are asphyxiating ourselves in this dream. There is so much cognitive dissonance as we blindly hurt each other and our shared home. We must wake from this dream or dream no more.

For many years the idea of environmentalism has been all about ‘saving the planet’, but the planet will be just fine. The planet is not going anywhere, it will simply change and coalesce, die and become reborn. But we are well on our way to wiping out our own species in the near future. We must stop eating animals that have been treated/killed violently (doesn’t it seem like a bad idea to ingest violence?), make less waste, be kinder to one another, and remain present. We need to bring an attuned awareness to everything we do, say, eat, create. This is how we awaken. It has begun and we are making the connections, noticing the meaningful "coincidences". Do you feel it? The rumblings inside you, telling you that change is coming. It's the spiritual revolution and you are a critical part of it.


The future IS female. We all have a feminine and masculine side. The divine feminine within all of us wants to be heard. If we are to survive, we all must connect to this divine feminine. Practice radical self care & be gentle with yourself. Care for one another. Men in our society are suffering under patriarchy too. Most are hurting and need guidance. Men, please don’t be afraid that you no longer matter or have value. We are simply returning balance to the world, which has been dominated by a violent masculinity for far too long. Together, we can find the masculine / feminine balance within ourselves (even transcending the duality of the two) and find balance as a society. This will require humility and a quiet strength from our brothers as we all unlearn and relearn our socialized identities and ways of being.

We are transcending duality. In our collective dream we are entrapped in the duality; us vs. them, good vs. evil. Some will cling to what they've always known, requiring an “other” against which they can define themselves. But the facade has started to fracture, and it is becoming clear that the binary is pure illusion.

We are in a time of remembering. There has been so much forgetting. We must help those who have forgotten the most and look to those who have the wisdom.  In order to remember, we need to face the trauma experienced by our ancestors. Until we’ve resolved the karma of the oppressed and the oppressor, we will remain in an endless karmic loop. This healing is not easy and the pain may seem too insurmountable, but miraculous transformation is possible.

All of this starts with you. It comes down to how you treat your body and mind, commune with nature, and connect with those around you. It comes from a place of intuition, introspection, and discernment, allowing for source/spirit/being/God (whatever you want to call it) to come through you. We need to keep reminding each other. We need to hold each other accountable if we hope to shift consciousness on the scale that is needed for us to survive as a species.

When you feel afraid, don't forget-destruction breeds creation. Our existing structures will inevitably crumble, and that might seem scary, but we have an opportunity to create a new way of being.


What will we create together?