// WHO WE ARE //


Ben Ross

Ben Ross is an artist, filmmaker, and visual storyteller specializing in immersive and experiential media.  He has produced documentary work in Uganda, Burma, and throughout the United States, focusing on marginalized stories and their intersections within broader social, cultural, and environmental contexts.   

With a background in photojournalism and ethnographic documentary storytelling, Ben applies an investigative and culturally sensitive approach to create a framework for subjects to speak and be heard on their own terms.  

In the last two years, Ben has explored the evolving tools of virtual reality and other immersive mediums to break down barriers between his audience and the subjects he documents.  After spending nearly two years working for VR-pioneer Chris Milk and his production company, Vrse.works (now Here Be Dragons), he split off to found Co.Reality.  Co.Reality is currently in-production on a range of projects including immersive installations, VR documentaries, and branded content.

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Brittany brings her global perspective, passion for life, and love of people to her work.  Her diverse skillset and ability to manifest intention has opened doors all around the world.  Brittany has worked in social media and experiential education in Spain, conducted culturally conscious research on women’s issues in Southern India, facilitated health screenings for women and children in rural Guatemala, and expanded her global sensibilities while exploring a total of 27 countries on five continents.  Her natural tendencies to prioritize people and logistics made her a natural fit to produce Rise Above, Co.Reality’s first major VR documentary project.  She is inherently collaborative and employs her well-honed intuition to juggle complex projects and priorities.

Drawing from her experience, she is dedicated to creating content with the intention of shifting global consciousness and assisting others to connect with their most radically creative and loving selves. She believes that amidst the current political and systemic turmoil around the world, we have been given an opportunity to create a new way of being together.  There is vast untapped potential for virtual reality to assist us in becoming a more connected humanity. 


Matt Ross is a musician and visual/performance artist based in Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA. He studies theatre at Lewis & Clark College with a concentration in performance. His upcoming thesis installation (April 2017), produced by Co.Reality, combines Virtual Reality and live, site-specific theater. This and other upcoming projects focus on separating time from space and finding the creative crossroads between art, social justice, and intergenerational trauma.