RISE ABOVE is a 2017 SXSW-selected short film about a teen survivor of sexual violence and her journey of empowerment as she overcomes her trauma. The film was made in partnership between Co.Reality, Oculus VR for Good, Womankind, and Brittany, whose story is the heart of the film.


 // A Mixed Reality Play //


ArtMetroPolis is a series of VR videos featuring Los Angeles-based artists and their projects on Metro Light Rail platforms. The first film in the series profiles Clement Hanami's public art commission "Through the Looking Glass or Traveling at the Speed of Light" (2009).  The second piece follows Shizu Saldamando and her public art commission for the Expo Line titled “Artist Educators” (2016).


See and feel what it's like to be a student at the Kent School in CT. Hang out during a jam session in the dorm, go to games and practices with the team, take a sneak peek into a couple of classes. Experience Kent for yourself and decide - Can you see yourself here?


INTIMATE LOOP is a physical and virtual sculptural installation made in collaboration with creator / sculptor Mak Kern and cinematographer / filmmaker Cary Gallagher - as part of the immersive performance event, homeLA.


A 360 audio-visual experience by Coleman Hampton and Ben Ross.  Designed as part of a music festival dome installation, this piece is a prototype for future VR synesthetic experiences.


A journey through a deteriorating memory, recalling an experience as permanent and fleeting as home. A collaboration between Flexus Studios, homeLA, and Co.Reality.


Unity Study is a performance installation and collaboration between Rebecca BrunoLynn Ellen BathkeMak Kern, and Ben Ross joined by dancer Samantha Mohr and visual artist Matt Ross. Coming together in weekly sessions, they investigate how objects, sound, bodies, and the spaces they inhabit coalesce to create experience and thereafter, how memories of the experience are physically stored and accessed. The artists collectively explore formal and conversational aspects of their work through live encounter and archive.  The site becomes a creative laboratory, dance space, drawing studio, artist retreat, and virtual amalgamation of past and present realities, walking the line between intimate private exploration and public presentation with both sensitivity and generosity.