Co.Reality is an immersive art / storytelling collective that aims to inspire and connect visionary individuals and ideas. As we awaken to our shared future, driven by newfound connectedness and environmental / political cataclysm, we are capable of reshaping the consciousness of our planet, redefining what it means to co-exist as a global society.

Inherently collaborative and driven by a love for sharing space and ideas, Co.Reality is a platform for artists, thinkers, activists, and everyday dreamers to co-create immersive art and experiences that speak to this new way of being.

We embrace the technological achievements of the internet and Virtual Reality, not as tools for isolation, but rather as a means for more directly hearing, seeing, and experiencing one another.

If you have a project, campaign, message, or wild impossibility you'd like to collaborate on, please reach out to ben@coreality.co